The Builder Rebate Program

We think our Builder Rebate Program is the best in the industry, but you be the judge!

8% Rebate (First Order)

On your first submission, we rebate you 8% of your material cost on all Armadillo, TurboClip and Grid Axcents products.

3% Rebate (Every Order)

Receive 3% cash back rebate on every order (after your first) when you build with Armadillo, TurboClip and/or Grid Axcents.

5% Rebate (Premier Builders)

Premier Builders receive a 5% cash back rebate on every order. Learn how to become a Premier Builder below.

Rebate Program FAQs

How to Become a Premier Builder

You will automatically become a Premier Builder after submitting a total of $20,000 in receipts for rebates. Rebate submission total starts over each year on January 1st. You will earn 3% on your first $20,000 submitted and 5% on every dollar submitted afterwards, through December 31st. Valid on Armadillo, Turboclip and GridAxcents products only.

What’s needed to create an account?

We just need some basic information about your business: Your contact info, address, email (and license number if applicable).

How do I submit a project rebate?

Simply login to the Pro Portal on the Builder Rebate Program, click on “Submit a Rebate”, upload the invoices and photos and complete the rebate form.

How often is the rebate paid?

Rebates are paid once per quarter. Checks will be mailed within 30 days after the end of each quarter. (Qtr. 1=Jan-Mar / Qtr. 2=Apr-Jun / Qtr. 3=Jul-Sep / Qtr. 4=Oct-Dec)

Does my rebate come in the form of a check?

Yes, checks will be mailed to the Company Name and Address of the user.

What percentage is the rebate calculated on?

It is calculated on the retail purchase price of all Armadillo, TurboClip and Grid Axcents products listed on invoices submitted. This does not include tax, delivery or other charges.

What Armadillo products are included in the rebate?

All deck boards, fascia boards, riser boards, sealer, joist covers, and flashing.

Is there a limit on the number of projects I can submit for a rebate?

There is no maximum limit to the number of rebates you can submit. One project per rebate. Invoices/Projects may not be duplicated.

Is there a time limit on when I can submit a project?

Yes, projects must be submitted within 90 days of the invoice date. After 90 days of the invoice date the project is no longer eligible for a rebate.

Are checks in US Dollars only?

Yes, all checks will be in US Dollars only.

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